Waste Warriors interactive toolkit concept design
Waste Warriors brand image design and promotion

Waste Warriors is a Business Waste Reduction Project. The Business Waste Reduction Project aims to reduce the amount of waste disposed of to landfill by the commercial and industrial sector. Blue River Design worked with the Waste Warriors team to develop a strong brand image that visually communicated its goal to develop good waste management practices. This was done via a range of marketing applications that:

  1. Encouraged on site source separation and recovery systems;

  2. Provided information to businesses on service and diversion opportunities through the media, industry groups and business networks.

The project continues to engage with businesses to help them to learn about and improve their waste management practices, whilst attracting recognition for their efforts. Participating business are then eligible for promotion on the project website, Facebook page and through newspaper promotion.

Specific design applications included:

Logo design and brand image, newspaper advertising, interactive pdf toolkit, online look and feel, poster design, promotions, stickers.

Waste Warriors logo design
Waste Warriors certified business stickers