A new brand image for NSW School of Languages.

There's nothing better than a great design brief, and the brief for NSW School of languages was no exception.

NSW School of Languages is a distance education language specialist school (located in Sydney Australia), catering to students in NSW secondary schools who wish to enroll and study a language course not available to them at their home school.

The new brand identity for the school focused on the idea that learning a new language was your passport to the world and that learning a second language could open up future international career opportunities for students. Students enrolled in a language course have the opportunity to study online locally or at the school's Sydney campus. The tagline "Learn Locally, Communicate Globally" was adopted by the school to reinforce the concept that students can learn subjects online at their local school, yet obtain a language skill that allows them to communicate in a foreign country around the globe. The new logo was designed to represent the vast and vibrant variety of language choices offered by the school as well as reflecting the idea of global communication via the speech bubble elements that make up the global sphere shape of the logo symbol.

A fun and vibrant colour pallet was adopted by NSW School of Languages to reflect the vibrancy of global diversity and culture and the range of language subject choice on offer. It also reflected a fun and bright learning culture for all students.

The use of a fun and approachable typeface combined with hand drawn illustrations of iconic global landmarks, helped connect the brand look and feel with it's student (13-22 year olds) target audience. The brand visually communicates the idea that learning a language is fun and part of an awaiting global adventure.

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